WW FiLMLaB – Competition Now Open

Get your script made into a movie! FiLMLaB’s primary purpose is to provide the winning screenwriter with real world experience in the business of writing for film, including the unique opportunity to rewrite and collaborate with industry professionals as their short script is transformed into a short film.

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FiLMLaB Updates

FiLMLaB Writing Contest Enters Its Final Week

Inspiration SS Title Page

We have arrived at the final week of the FiLMLaB writing contest. You can still work all week and through the weekend on your seven page short script, but it must be submitted by 11:59 this Sunday night. Plenty of time, really. If you’ve already submitted–congratulations; you are a rock star. You took a risk and stepped into our lab. My hat is off to you. If you are struggling with the three writing prompts let me suggest a few tips that might help: Stop writing! Get out of your head for a while. Take…

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Or How A Northwest Trio Hooked The Weinsteins

“Nobody knows anything…” William Goldman’s famous quote about Hollywood, may very well apply to the publishing industry as well; especially during this time of digital expansion and the resulting democratization of creative expression. The tools of production and marketing are available to everyone now, not just studios and publishing houses. What the long term net…

Diary of a Slamdance Festival Juror

Slamdance Winner: "Across the Sea"

by Josh Leake Portland Film Festival’s Josh Leake shares his experience as a 2015 Slamdance Juror. Originally posted via Indiewire, it is shared here with the permission of the author. To learn more about Josh, see his bio at the bottom of the page. Founded by a group of friends in 1995, Slamdance is one…

Governor’s Film Award Recap

Cheryl Strayed

(This article is shared by the author, our good friend Josh Leake at Portland Film Festival. For more about Josh, see his bio at the end of his article) The Oregon Governor’s Office of Film & Television, more commonly known as Oregon Film, hosted its annual film awards on Tuesday, January 6th. Hosted in a…