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Nailing the Turkey Down

Tom Turkey

You don’t have to observe Thanksgiving, Hanukah or Christmas to feel the press of the holidays already upon us. November has been a busy month for #FiLMLaB contest, between updating the website, planning a workshop, lining up judges and exploring greater partnership with Portland Film Festival, recently named one of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals…

Film News

The Grand Experiment: Experience from the FiLMLaB

Director Martin Vavra

  There are very few jobs in the world where, when you walk into a room, anyone can say they do without some sort of validation. If you walk into a party, and someone asks if you are a doctor or a police officer or a car mechanic, these titles will instigate follow up questions…

The Benefits of Being A Ghost: A Writer On Set At FiLMLaB

Actress Paige McKenzie ready for the next scene

Being the screenwriter on set is fun as long as you know what you’re in for. If this was a Mozart symphony production, the screenwriter would be the composer and the director would be the conductor. It’s up to the conductor to translate Mozart’s scribbles on paper into music for the ears, music created by…


Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan, a perennial favorite at the Willamette Writers Conference is now CEO. Check it out:   Fortunately for us, Luke loves Willamette Writers and will once again be joining us this August at the Doubletree Hotel. Is your project right for The Alchemists? Find out at the conference!