Welcome to the Coast Chapter of Willamette Writers

The Coast Chapter is part of Willamette Writers, Oregon’s largest writers group. We meet on the third Sunday of the month, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Newport Public Library (McEntee Room).

Upcoming Meeting: Sunday, September 20, 2015, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

September Meeting: Elizabeth Lyon Speaks about Subtex

elizabeth-lyonCharacter + Scene + Subtext = Suspense and Theme

Crafting a character personality is a good beginning but shallow. Weaving hidden motivations, contradictory goals, and unmet psychological needs into each scene will engage hearts and minds, and keep suspense high. If characters, scenes, and plots are treated as separate parts, the result is a disjointed story. Through lively brainstorming, we will create a story that:

  • Joins character and scene in plot and moves them through time
  • Connects settings, props, symbolism, and character relationships
  • Tests alternate character personalities with different outcomes.

You’ll have a chance to apply what we’ve covered to your own story (or build on the class-created one) through writing prompts.

Elizabeth Lyon, a book editor since 1988, has worked with hundreds of writers, seeing book publication by over 60 writers. Lyon has written many books on craft and marketing of fiction and nonfiction, including Manuscript Makeover, selected by The Writer’s reviewer as “perhaps the most comprehensive book on revising fiction,” the Sell Your Novel Tool Kit, and bestselling Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write. She is the author of two short books, Writing Subtext and Crafting Titles. She lives in Springfield and is presently working on a memoir about becoming a book editor–the hard way. www.elizabethlyon.com

Special Note

Susan Kelly who presented here in Newport earlier this year is presenting two full day workshops in Willamette Writers on the River (the Corvallis Chapter) on Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13 – if you’d like to learn more from Susan check it out.

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Coast Chapter’s Monthly Meetings

Unless otherwise stated…


The Coast Chapter meets on the third Sunday of each month from 2:00-4:00 p.m., except for July, August and December. (In August we head to Portland for the Willamette Writers Conference.)


The Coast Chapter meets at the Newport Public Library (McEntee Room) at 140 S. 3rd St. Newport, OR 97365.


The meeting is free and open to the public because of the generosity of the Newport Public Library and local businesses such as Hallmark Resort and Sylvia Beach Hotel, and the generous time and space provided by our media partners.

The Coast Chapter is a part of Willamette Writers

Willamette Writers is the largest writers’ organization in Oregon and one of the largest writers’ organizations in the United States. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt Oregon corporation led by volunteers. Elected officials and directors administer an active program of monthly meetings, special seminars, workshops and conferences. Continuing with established programs and starting new ones is only made possible by strong volunteer support. Members continually explore other ways to interact in the literary community. For more information on Willamette Writers, its annual conference, and membership, visit www.willamettewriters.com