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Why a Bad Attitude Is a Good Thing

Author and speaker Eric Witchey

by Eric Witchey

In a few, short weeks, I’ll be standing on the stage and speaking at Old Church again. The idea is terrifying, which seems to surprise people who know me because not only do I seem to love public speaking, I actually do love it. Sadly, my love of public speaking does nothing to keep me from being terrified beforehand. T

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Judith Works’ Blog and Book Trailer

Judith Works' City of Illusions

Member Judith Works’ blog features travel stories with many about Rome, the setting for both her novel City of Illusions and her memoir, Coins in the Fountain. Her blog can be found at www.aLittleLightExercise.blogspot.com. Check…

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Scheduling Book Readings

Under the influence

Dear Ms. Snow,
I recently had a successful reading at Broadway Books of my book, Under the Influence of Tall Trees: Humorous Tales From a Pacific Northwest Writer. There was a nice turnout, several books were sold, and I was taken out for a glass of wine afterwards. What more could a writer ask for? Do you have any suggestions on how I could line up more talks/readings?

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